The exhibition

This term as part of UOI we have been doing something we like to call ‘The Exhibition’. As part of the exhibition we had to choose a topic relating to our overall central idea ‘Peace and conflict affects our world’. I chose to do the exhibition on the hippie movement because I like to learn … [Read more…]


Recently we have started something called GROK. GROK is a coding website where you can learn how to code. There are different courses and challenges that you can do on GROK. We are participating in the NCSS challenge 2017, most of my class is doing newbies, but I am doing newbies and beginners. The only … [Read more…]

New Zealand!

Hi, I recently got home from my awesome holiday in New Zealand. These are some pictures from our first day. On the first two days we skied on the same mountain (map above). We mostly stuck to Alta green and turquoise on the first day, then on the second did many runs of castaways. On … [Read more…]

Passion project week 7

Hello, I have not quite finished my project yet but I am currently working extremely hard to try to complete it on time. Here I have connected my powerpoint presentation which I will present on Thursday.    Through this project I have learnt many new skills. There have been positives, negatives and interesting aspects of … [Read more…]

Passion Project week 4 (part 2)

Hello everyone, I’m back once again as today I was really excited to tell you about today. So today, my friend Bianca and I extended my passion project to the senior school as well as junior school. Bianca and I put up posters and put a donation box in SSO (senior school office). Another exciting … [Read more…]